Kaltun Mining is Turkey’s biggest producer in the field of sodium feldspar, quartz , mica and potassium feldspar and world’s one of the leading companies on its sector with overseas sales network through its own group companies and exclusive agents. With wide range of production capacity, Kaltun Mining became a global leader company in ceramic tile, glass, composite stone and paint industries. Kaltun is serving these sectors for more than 50 years.

In the ceramics sector, the products are particularly used in the production of unglazed porcelain tile, floor and wall tiles, glaze, sanitary ware, porcelain and goods for decoration.

In glass sector, Kaltun serves float glass, tableware, container glass, crystal and technical glass manufacturers. And Kaltun is a main supplier to composite stone (polyester and quartz) and paint sectors as well as serving to enamel, filtration, silicon cable and other related areas both locally and globally.